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    One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

    Watching The Whitest Kids You Know skits on Youtube. They always put a smile on my face. :)
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    What Are You Looking Forward To?

    I'm looking forward to September, so I can visit my best friend Kristin. 🙂
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    I Realize That I

    The one thing I realized about myself is that I need an emotional and intellectual connection with someone first before I begin to feel anything for someone. When people mention sex to me right off the bat, I feel very uncomfortable about it. I need to have a strong connection with someone first...
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    Relationship Anxiety and Triggers

    I've thought more about the relationship tonight. He's always had a thing for me, my brother killed himself back in 2019. When we got into a relationship, he said he wanted a serious relationship with me, even mentioning me moving in with him. The thing was that stuck out to me, I was crying a...
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    Relationship Anxiety and Triggers

    I tried to start a new relationship. Everything was going great between both of us, he wanted a serious relationship and I wanted the same thing. We we're together for a few months even. I think I may have trusted him too much though because he ended up breaking up with me, and I didn't see this...
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    Last movie or tv series you watched?

    The last TV series I watched was Creepshow on Shudder. I am truly loving this series and glad I decided to check it out.
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    How Did You Sleep Last Night?

    Last night I got decent sleep and had no nightmares. I woke up feeling really refreshed. :)
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    I Realize That I

    I realized that all my symptoms regarding me getting abused was alerting me to leave my abuser, but I still believed everything he said when he said I was crazy and needed help. I used to blame myself for this, but I've come to terms that none of it was my fault and now I know better. To trust...
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    Name all the ways you have started healing

    The one thing I'm proud of myself is not abusing pain pills anymore in order to numb PTSD, and my trauma. I was literally trying to self-medicate myself and in the end I'm glad I stopped and got the help and support I needed from my family. I've come a long way and I'm glad I'm not trying to...
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    Nervous tremors

    Ever since I got of my abusive relationship a few years ago, I noticed I get lots of tremors, especially with my legs. My legs will constantly shake up and down, until my Mom tells me to stop or someone mentions it to me. My brother has noticed it through the process of my healing. It's gotten...
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    You Know You Have PTSD When...

    When you really don't like being touched and how uncomfortable you are during sex scenes in movies. You can't look at the screen. Instead, you just look down at your hands and hope it goes to the next scene soon, because of how uncomfortable it's making you feel.
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    How Did You Sleep Last Night?

    Last night I slept wonderful. I'm really glad that I'm getting better sleep now. This is something I'm very thankful for now too.
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    Sharing too much, why?

    I remember in the past I used to do this a lot and it was very awkward for anyone else, including myself when I realized that I was doing it. Anytime I did it, I felt really embarrassed, but I also felt really alone. I wasn't getting therapy and had no support or anyone to talk too about...
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    Sufferer Hi everyone

    Hello and Welcome! :)