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    Making ADA requests

    Hi justmehere, I'm sorry. I was a group benefit insurance consultant before going on disability. Your ability to earn income is you most important asset. I know it's distressing. You don't want to end up in a financially difficult position by withdrawing your request or by quitting. Hold onto...
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    My HR Shared My Medical Information with Other Staff

    Hi justmehere, I'm sorry. I was a group insurance consultant before going on disability. Your ability to earn income is your most important asset. Don't put yourself in a financially difficult position by quiting or withdrawing your request. Keep records of the emails. Insist on having...
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    The Truth: How I spend my day

    Thanks Joeylittle. That was reassuring, especially when you said, "symptoms can be so strong that they can't be 'muscled through' - they can't be willed away." It is strange for something intangible to have so much agency over my life. I did share this with my doctor who passed it on to my...
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    Am in Hell

    I want to add one more thing to help clear out the words of you're therapist. I was 4 years old when I was first sexual abused. I must have been one heck of a sinner. I Promise it gets better.
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    Am in Hell

    Silent000, It's important to practice self-care more now than ever. I'm a spiritual person with a scientific mind and It sounds like you have religious beliefs, or, maybe you don't. So like me share two things with you that made me feel 3% better. Archbishop Desmond Tutu is great friends with...
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    The Truth: How I spend my day

    Thank you for the complement. I will share.
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    My Accomplishments

    ACHIEVEMENT: ·—·—·—·—·—·—·—·—·—·—·—·— • I joined this PTSD support group • I only eat organic meats, fruits and vegetable. • I'm maintaining the weight I lost. • I reached out to an old friend. • I make time for therapy. • I spoke with my mother about PTSD. She was the last person to know. •...
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    The Truth: How I spend my day

    Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a while and I want to share something that I've been too terrified to tell my doctors or my insurance carrier. I'm scared if I'm honest about how I spend me day I'll either loose my finance support or end up hospitalized and loose my autonomy. So here is the...
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    Depression and body aches

    Yeah. Multiple forms of self-care. Rest and digest, yoga to help with armoring (muscle tension defense mechanism), mediation to reduce stress and CBT to help the inner critic become kinder.
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    Sufferer Pain and anger

    Hey Silent000, Anger is a good start. It's going to be okay.
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    I left my family Christmas

    Happy holidays everyone. I don't know what to write. I feel like I'm not supposed to say anything. Does anyone else feel like a burden when they speak? I was home for Christmas. I took the train home with my brother to see my mother. My brother and I took on the project of trying to put up my...
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    Painful Suicidal Ideation

    You're not alone. I'm with in this camp. My biggest turning point was realizing I went through something torturous. This is how I'm supposed to feel. I have a right to feel as bad as I do in this moment. I'm not supposed to be happy about having my childhood taken from me. How you feel is common...
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    Relationship Recently started dating girl with PTSD and Chronic Depression and I feel lost in what to do

    Hello Dutchfriend, Love from Canada. That was a good vent. I bet it felt good to let out some steam. Let me start by saying it sounds like you have a big heart and you're no stranger to pain. It's awesome you two fell for each other so quickly because it's very rare. I'd like to offer a...
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    A life once filled with joy is now 100% without joy or interest in anything

    I know exactly what you mean about the negative pressure vacuum that replaced joy. It sucks in negativity and anxiety. If I've felt joy or had interests, I can't remember them. What I've observed in others is that joy is in the moment, external, a preferential sense and related to a verb like...
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    Were these genuine flashbacks or something else?

    Hey, I hope you're well. I was sexual abused as a child. So, I can relate. I just want to offer support. Minus the physical sensations, I sometimes feel the way you described when I'm, for lack of a better word, triggered. It's just feels different than the adrenaline fuel flashbacks. I also...