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    Feeling so angry with family

    Hello thanks for the insights . Glad I found this website to keep this stuff contained until i know how best to respond to it..ranting all this stuff to there faces only causes more trauma. I Do find there is a lot of trauma denial in my family...mys sister self medicates and rages..and now...
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    Feeling so angry with family

    I feel so angry with my family right now. I have CPTSD as a result of all the violence and neglect and addiction that went on in my family system then of course i developed all the problems that came with that..then I was visiting sister recently then she got drunk and turned around and said to...
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    Need Help to begin overcoming fantasy addiction

    Hello On my trauma recovery journey i have identified most of my life I have been a fantasy addict. as a child it was a way of disscociating from the circumstances. Feels tricky though its not like you can go to a fantasy addicts anon meeting and how do i cope when it is my own mind i am...