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    I guess it's much to read and hard to understand, I'm confused right now, I feel really relieved, can't remember when I did this the last time before.
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    Seems I have been slow at posting, omg how much wrote >.< Further edit: I almost forgot something that means much to me. I was last week with my mum together cand saw my family the first time after the lock down in Germany. I couldn't talk much but open a bit and she was there, sometimes she...
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    I'm not sure why I actually start this, I was sometimes close to do so, but didn't make it. I just write, it's maybe going to be a mess but maybe can help me when I reread it. In my introduction I missed some details. During the relationship I started to abuse painkillers to get along with me...
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    Sufferer Hi :3 From Germany - Dissociative Amnesia, Abusive Relationship, & Possible CSA

    Heya everyone, I think I should have done this a long time ago, but I never introduced myself and felt a bit uncomfortable to browse and read the stuff posted here so "anonymous". I'm not a native speaker, I'm a 33 year old female from germany. I can hardly word it what I been through, but I...