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    Recovery snuck up on me.

    This made my heart warm. Thank you so much.
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    Recovery snuck up on me.

    A year and a half ago, I finally found the strength to put an end to a 2-year-long sexually and emotionally abusive relationship. After the initial shock and sorrow of losing the person who had been at the center of my life for so long, I fell into a fragile elation. I felt weightless; I never...
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    2,000 miles from home and struggling, have no support system here

    I'm across the country from my friends and family this summer for a 3 month internship. 9 days ago I got diagnosed with Conversion Disorder, which, in short, is when severe unresolved trauma leads to sensory/neurological issues. It can manifest in many ways. For me, I have bouts of numbness and...
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    Does anyone else have PTSD from different traumatic experiences?

    Hey :) I'm also a 21 y/o with multiple traumas. I've endured several sexual assaults at various ages, had a guy I was dating threaten me with a knife, and lost my high school boyfriend to suicide which was a very traumatic loss. I am so sorry that you're also experiencing complex PTSD. I hope...
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    Sufferer Very successful in life, then divorced, commited a crime, then diagnosed with CPTSD + autism

    Hi Shervin, I can relate to quite a bit of what you've been dealing with. Our stories are very different but we have some common ground, so I hope if nothing else, this makes you feel a little less alone and a little more validated. I too am CPTSD, autistic, and live a successful work life...
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    I'm angry

    I love this. Thank you.
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    Other Help an autistic gal out with how to spot creeps

    I define creep as someone who is acting without my best interests in mind, and someone who is looking for a person they perceive to be easily manipulated or taken advantage of. "Danger" for me includes stuff like getting followed, stalked, assaulted, etc.
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    I'm angry

    I'm just angry and it's eating me alive. My body is falling apart because of it. Last April my ex sexually assaulted me. He choked me hard during sex when I did not consent to it, and I could barely speak or breathe. I him to stop choking me, and he stopped for a minute, but then did it again...
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    Other Help an autistic gal out with how to spot creeps

    Thanks for your thought-out response. Could you give me an example of a casual boundary to set with acquaintances?
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    Other Help an autistic gal out with how to spot creeps

    I've got a long history of trauma... multiple sexual assaults, one of which resulted in pregnancy, getting threatened with a knife by a boyfriend, childhood abuse, death of someone very close to me... the list goes on. I'm also on the autism spectrum. I think my social difficulties have gotten...
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    Sexual Assault Did my ex boyfriend sexually assault me?

    In January, I dumped my boyfriend of 2 years. There were many reasons why, but the main ones were because of his pattern of selfish behavior and compulsive lying. Last year, we were having sex and at the bare minimum, he crossed boundaries. I consented to having sex initially. Previously, I've...
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    I've been taking lamotrigine for over 6 months now, & it significantly helps stabilize my mood without making me "flat" like lithium did. It also doesn't sedate me.
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    I've Pretty Much Just Lost My Family.

    I sympathize & understand your frustrations, but if you're not willing to let them to know what's going on with you (PTSD) then how an you expect them to treat you appropriately?
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    Research How Has Creative Therapy Worked For You?

    Hi! I was introduced to art therapy at a psych hospital about a year ago, & in January I started seeing an outpatient art therapist regularly. I'd love to share some of the projects I've done that helped me the most. -making a monster out of clay that represents my fears, & then building...
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    How Much Can One Person Handle?

    Do you really trust him completely & tell him everything if he isn't aware of the extent of your problems, as you said? It's easy for someone who loves you to say that that it doesn't matter; they'll be there for you; etc. Dealing with it in person is a whole other matter. Like others have...