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    Just another EMDR thread. With added scepticism

    I have only ever tried the tapping thing a university counselor showed me but I did it on my own and ended up having the most intense flashbacks that night so I never did it again...even though that, in and of itself, was probably not a bad thing. So I guess I am adding my experience to those...
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    numb and overwhelmed

    Just wanted to chime in. This kind of thing happens to me too...still. I have trouble talking about it...and if I do, I still use vague language like "the stuff that happened" instead of calling it by name. For a long time, I wasn't able to cry. I still hardly ever do. But there are times...
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    Poll How much does your doc know of your trauma history?

    I put other...My GP doesn't know details but my shrink knows more. However, he sends updates to my GP and I have no idea to what extent he shared...if at all.
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    Never told anyone

    Sorry you feel so horrible. I have only ever attempted once but almost nobody knows about it (I did eventually tell a friend a lot later). I tried the old tying around the neck thing...but I just ran out of energy and strength to carry it through. I now have ideation quite often...I think, in a...
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    Why do I actively seek things out that are triggering??

    I have done this too. Used to read about and watch footage of the traumatic events...over and over and over...Not sure if I was numb and trying to feel or if I was trying to dissociate. I must have been numb some of those times...
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    Other Can a concussion make PTSD symptoms worse/more intense?

    Hi. My apologies if this has already been discussed elsewhere. I have recently suffered a concussion so my attention is a bit off, and I can't stare at the screen for too long. My question is if anyone has had this happen (not PTSD as a result of TBI but someone getting TBI after already...
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    Anyone else feel weird on Zoloft? UPDATE: Trying again...

    As I mentioned above, I have had stomach issues and there comes a point where the dosage stops working for me, so he usually gets ne to a higher dose. I recently started 125mg again. This time, the stomach was ok, mostly, but I'm not sure the higher dose is really helping. I feel more anxiety...
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    Other Covid ‘long haulers’ support thread

    So, back in March, I started having symptoms and I initially thought it was allergies. Then I got lethargic. Then the cough started and then the fever. Shortness of breath. I was sick for a very long time. I did the test in later April (regular people weren't getting tested before that unless...
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    is it normal to alternate between severe & mild periods of PTSD?

    Yup. I was reasonably stable for a period and now it seems to be getting worse again. The triggers I thought I learned how to manage are back with a force they haven't had in a while...It is indeed cyclical, as someone noted above.
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    Do you get convulsion-like shaking?

    Not convulsions but I do get the shakes sometimes when stressed or triggered
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    News Terrorism in the US capital

    Please stay safe
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    (Not) Finding a Job

    Hi. This sounds a lot like my situation. My degree is pretty useless, or maybe I am just too dumb to turn it into something better. I am employed (well, underemployed) but have had a heck of a time over the last year and a half or so. Between the ptsd and depression and now Corona (I have been...
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    Anyone else feel weird on Zoloft? UPDATE: Trying again...

    Yes. When I first started, it really messed with me. I would get super sleepy and tired and would start falling asleep on my feet. Then I switched to taking it in the evening and that was okay until the dose was increased...Then I started having stomach issues (the runs ...yikes)...SO then we...
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    Relationship Hypersexuality

    Sorry to read you're going through this. She sounds like she may have bipolar or even BPD - though obviously, I am not a mental health pro...Just that someone I love(d)did some very similar things and yet on good days this was the most caring person. But a pattern of short term, mostly abusive...