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    Research contribute to a book I am editing

    Hi, I can't release details of the campaign/charity at the moment as it is being finalised as to which campaign it is best suited for. As soon as the agreement is finalised (hopefully in the next few days) it will be announced to those involved. No one, including the editors, receive payment...
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    Research contribute to a book I am editing

    I appreciate your questions and concerns. It is, as I am sure you will appreciate, not possible to give all the details in a post. As editors, we too prefer to have some level of anonymity at this stage and don't want to have our personal details all over the place, it is common practice for...
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    Research contribute to a book I am editing

    worldwide would be good but this is specific to the UK as the aim is to link to an awareness campaign/ charity which is UK based. Also, the level of interest in the UK alone is a job and a half to manage. Maybe the next book can be wider.
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    Research contribute to a book I am editing

    Did you experience trauma during childhood? Would you like the opportunity to have your voice published? Did you have an adverse childhood experience? Was your voice not heard? Would you like the opportunity to have your voice now published in a collection of voices of those having...
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    pathetic legal sentence for abuser

    You are spot on. My word against his. There were witnesses both our mothers, knew it was happening and lied into their interviews to protect themselves from the firing line. I am currently in the police complaints system, asking why they didn't arrest our parents too as the time between his...
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    pathetic legal sentence for abuser

    I am fuming but also sort of pleased. The guy who abused me has been sentenced to 8 months suspended, 200 hours of community service and 40 rehabilitation, and 10 years on the sex offenders register. This was for being caught talking to a child and planning to meet for sex. The child unbeknown...
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    London (UK) Therapy/ist recomendations
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    How much does your therapist charge?

    mine is £110 per hour. I work for a low-cost clinic though that charge what the person can afford most pay around £25-£30. You get a trainee therapist for that. The average here is about £60 for a general therapist.
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    News Doctor-Assisted Death For Those Living With Ptsd

    I struggle with this because I wonder how much of it could be used to make the medical world not have to provide full resources to mental health treatment. With really good treatment then there is the possibility that individuals would not want to die. Is it more economical for those suffering...
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    I've been cited by another scientific paper

    Brilliant well done.
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    Reporting to the police - How do you feel about it now?

    Hi i just read this (late i know) I am asking on another post about peoples experience of UK reporting and sounds like your case is similar to mine. I reported my abuser and because the law in the 80s is not as is now they could not take him to court. Even though the police and CPS knew he was...
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    Childhood UK Justice system anyone? Reporting historic CSA

    I am so sorry that the legal system will probably not get you the justice that you deserve. But its great to hear that you took such a brave step to report it. I am also pleased that the police appear to have handled it all well. My case is somewhat different. I reported my abuser after some 30...
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    Childhood UK Justice system anyone? Reporting historic CSA

    Wondering what other's experience of reporting historic CSA has been like. My experience has not been overly positive, due to red tape I must add not the officers involved. Was hoping others have had better outcomes and a more positive outcome. Want to restore my faith but feel free to have a...
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    What is the opposite of Self Sabotage?

    self compassion