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    Chunks of Memory Missing - How to Retrieve?

    Hello! I'm a twenty year old with diagnosed CPTSD. My therapist and I have acknowledged the fact that chunks of my memories frequently go missing. Sometimes, I remember my childhood in vivid detail, and others, I can't recall a thing. Sometimes, the memory issues leak into daily life and I can't...
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    Write a happy story in 3 words

    Class is canceled 😂
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    Sufferer Recently diagnosed with PTSD from physical abuse as a child-Looking for a support group online

    Welcome to the forum. I'm new myself here, and I've found that reading the accounts of others that have had PTSD has been a real changer for me. While this may not be beneficial for everyone, I've found myself viewing my diagnosis a bit differently. It feels less weighing and all-destroying. I...
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    Trying to Cope with Exploring my Trauma While In Relationship

    Hi! First off, it's a great thing that you've recognized your own behaviors. It's definitely no easy feat! Good job, and I mean that genuinely because it really isn't easy. It sounds like you're on a good path - with acknowledging your trauma. It's okay to feel like it's not real or be in...
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    Our Pets

    That’s a great insight, @ladee ! The kittens are always having fun and they move without fear (except when the vacuum is on, haha). But I definitely agree. 😁
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    Our Pets

    I got a photo of my cat, Timber, the second that his brother pounced on him 😆 Thought I'd share this funny little moment (don't worry, they're both okay - they're kittens and do this all the time)
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    What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

    I had one of my favorites and classics - chicken fries and french fries 😁
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    Sufferer I’ve been blindfolded my entire life.

    Alright, thanks for alerting me - makes sense! :)
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    Sufferer I’ve been blindfolded my entire life.

    Hello! I’m a 20 year old female - a sophomore in college - and I feel like for the first time in my life I’m able to see things without a blindfold. I grew up in a hoarders house, where I was introduced to sexual and emotional trauma incredibly young, with parents who neglected to provide me...