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    Wow... Do I Have Trauma...?

    You really have been through a lot. I'm so sorry for all the struggle and pain. I hope you can find support here. It's a pretty great group, especially if you value honesty. Being angry is ok and reasonable given all you've experienced. I hope you can work through your emotions and find a path...
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    Sexual Assault Why am I constantly feeling like this?

    I can't add a lot to Friday's reply except to agree with it wholeheartedly. I had a friend abuse me and I think her. It's faded with time but I still wonder how she's doing. I'm not afraid of her. My family were my primary abusers and I miss them and think about getting back in touch. None of...
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    Other Dog Attacked by Other Dog

    my dog was attacked in our own yard by my neighbors pit. I don't have an issue with pt bulls specifically. Lots of dogs attack more often. But when they bite and latch on it's terrifying. I can still hear my dog's screams if I think about it. It was a terrifying thing and I'm so sorry you and...
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    My mom

    I'm glad your mom had learned things from you and has found ways to be supportive. It sounds like you both have done some hard work and been through a lot.
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    Not sure- therapy relationship concerns (again)

    Old T sent a longer reply a couple days ago. By and large she talks about how ruptures are part of long term relationships and long term therapy relationships and that by working though it I'll learn more how to work through ruptures in other situations. It makes me feel a bit like I haven't...
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    Long-Term Therapist Skipped Town/Disappeared/No Contact

    It looks like you may not be posting anymore. In case you are reading this. I understand how upsetting it is to lose a T. My old T left to take a medical leave just after a 3 week vacation of his. Nothing was set up for me. There was no back up therapy setup. No contact. I didn't know if he was...
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    Not sure- therapy relationship concerns (again)

    Thank you @Friday that was an amazing reply and super helpful. And @Movingforward10 I really appreciate all your support. It means a lot. Old T replied. It was just a balloon emoticon. I don't know what the hell that is supposed to mean. Sigh.
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    Not sure- therapy relationship concerns (again)

    thank you. I think I needed someone outside my head to say that. And then I'm mad at myself for needing outside validation but that's a human thing, right? I edited it a bit and sent it. I guess the best case scenario is the door is open in case I want to go back? I'm just scared because no...
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    Not sure- therapy relationship concerns (again)

    I went to reread the email to decide if it was ok to send and I got all tangled up. What if I'm making a terrible mistake? Is the email to accusing?
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    Not sure- therapy relationship concerns (again)

    Email to t (I guess I should call her old T?). have NOT sent this. Hi, sorry my last email was so terse. I'd just gotten into a minor accident. A boulder rolled into my car. I'm not hurt or anything. I know I put myself on the waitlist and I appreciate that you let me know a space opened up. I...
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    What are you willing to sacrifice?

    I did it. I took a job that had a significant cut in pay. But it was my dream job. And I ended having to sell my house because of the cut in pay. And that was incredibly hard. I miss my home. And for a while life was really hard and stressful. Having said that, given the same choice I'd do it...
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    Not sure- therapy relationship concerns (again)

    So, possible T lives across the mountains. On the drive there a small boulder rolled off the mountain and hit my car. It was a super dangerous situation and I don't know how I didn't crash. It was narrow roadway and there was an oncoming car and a car close behind me and my tire blew when the...
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    How does your therapist react to criticism?

    If your T is feelign defensive and unable to manage her feeling she's not able to give you the therapy you need. She should be able to manage her own emotions. It doesn't matter if you are more straightforward. I am sorry you are dealing with that and glad you got the validation from the other...
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    After 6 months of weekly tele-therapy today I will meet my T for the first time in person, scared

    I haven't experienced that but I totally get it. It's a different level of vulnerability. That means it also gives you the opportunity for a really good session. I hope it goes (went) well.