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A thread for scientific nerdiness

A marine ecology lecture we did a couple of weeks ago

Do you remember who gave the lecture? I should figure out what I did with my copy of Pietsch's monograph and try looking that up. Oh, I wish I could post links on here. Someone e-mailed me a link to a video with the most beautiful anglerfish I've ever seen. It had long bioluminescent threads fanned out all around it. Soooo pretty!
Here's a little microbiology for your Friday:
E. coli have 2 types of protein pores ("porins") in their outer membrane that they can express:
-a wider one which is expressed outside of a host
-and a narrower one which is expressed at host body temperature (eg. human - 37 degrees C, or whatever the farenheit is :p)

Because the one expressed at body temp is narrower, it prevents the uptake of antibiotics and bile salts (aka stuff that would kill it).
Good for the E. coli... not so good for us. Devious devious microbes...:geek:

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