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Acceptance from my husband's parents took time


Acceptance from my husband's patents took time.My husband,he thought they would accept me when we started dating and they wanted no part of me in their life.Told him he was gay finding out I am a pre op mtf transsexual.It was bad and I left devastated.Was hurt they did this to me.The next day,he came by and said he still loved me.Good thing was his brother and sister were there for support even for me.They saw us happy together and told us give them space.One day his parents surprised us,decided to think things over said knew the hurt they did to my husband and I was a huge regret.Apologized to me,the hurt to me was the worst.We hugged and did have the huge heart to forgive them.My husband,he saw they learned their lesson and saw we were happy together forgiving them too.I have a great relationship with then now and they see me as their daughter in law to this day