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Caching Improvements

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Caching is what helps speed up every webpage when it loads at your device. I have tried to improve some aspects of caching in the last 24hrs to better help load static resources to your device from as close to you as possible globally.

The Problem with Caching​

The problem that can come from caching, if I got anything wrong, is that you make changes and can't see them. So if you see any sudden issue in relation to content being correct in front of your eyes, please let me know via contact us with any relevant screenshots.
I believe the caching issues should be all good. Sorry about that, like I said, caching can cause unknown issues. I've made some epic changes which should dramatically improve page speed globally, fingers crossed, without further issues that affect the CSS and how pages load.

Ensure you drop your browsers cache and cookie for the site, as the cookie is keeping data about expired caching rules which may cause you further issues.
Ok, members are posting without issues, so I believe the issues are fixed, fingers crossed. Sorry about the problems, its a caching thing... you never know what causes a problem until you do it and often learn from trial and error to some degree, especially with dynamic websites. Each software operate differently, so caching Xenforo software compared to Wordpress software, two very different things in how they output their content and what remains dynamic vs. static.

I disabled the initial changes I made, I think I identified the issue to correct it, and have enabled some of the caching aspects I had which I don't feel were the cause of the problem. Again, fingers crossed. Hopefully I awake tomorrow with no further issues.
I feel nervous about to go to bed... as I've tried implementing caching features that technically should not cause problems, yet as above, sometimes they unknowingly create problems nonetheless.

Fingers crossed that further posting, registrations and logins cause no further issues, yet the updated caching works as intended. Toes crossed too for good measure.
Seems to have worked. The site should now load much faster, as caching I had implemented previously was not working correctly as intended. From what I can see, this is working much better and correctly caching all static aspects globally in each country for fast access. Basically, once one person views a page, any static assets on that page will be replicated globally to the edge servers in each country, making things much faster for everyone and less consuming on the database.
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