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Medical Feeling Awful - Kidney Stones, Surgery, & No One To Talk To


So, I had surgery to remove a kidney stone on or around the 11th of March. I also had a UTI. I was in the hospital just Monday from 6am to Tuesday around noon. They put in a stent that was removed the following week. Same thing happened in 2022, except I was septic then and in for 4 days.

I've had maybe 3 good days since then, physically. Since last Wednesday, I've had episodes of chilling (with a low temp), skin pain, and overall body pain. I thought it might be the fibro (after I realized it wasn't the flu), but I've never had anything like this before, occurring in a pattern. I have chills, followed by skin pain, followed by an increase in overall body pain. If I take Tylenol/Advil, it goes away (well, the chills and skin pain do--and the rest is just lessened). For 3 days it was twice a day-morning and evening, and yesterday and today it was evening only.

I'm just so frustrated. My knee has been bothering me since November, and I haven't been able to do a lot of the things I normally like to do. Now this, and I just feel like crap all the time. It makes the depression and lack of motivation so much worse.

I don't know why I'm writing, except that I have NOBODY to talk to. My mom is 1000% focused on my sister. Same with my brother. I recently left the church, and anyone who I used to talk to is either gone or dead.

Anyway, thanks for reading.