Finding comfort in triggering media

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Felysha Spaulding

So I’ve noticed these last few years that I tend to gravitate towards media that make me dissociate. Originally it was an odd fascination with the show 13 reasons why, I knew it was bad and I knew how bad it triggered me but I became almost obsessed with watching it and experiencing the same feelings. Then it was Doki Doki literature club, it made me feel so awful but I couldn’t stop watching, it got the point that for 4 months that’s all that YouTube would recommend to me. Now it’s Bo Burnham’s inside. Especially the scenes where he’s breaking down. I’ve watched the special 11 times since it’s released. I find an odd comfort in these things that make me feel so awful. I sit down and feel heaviness in my chest but I can’t stop watching. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


This is funny because I tried to reply last night and I couldn’t and I realized it’s because I’m doing it lol. I’m watching this prison thing. Real stories. Who needs horror movies? here it is for real.