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Research Free Online PTSD Therapy at Stanford University


Texting Study

Hi all! I’m a mental health researcher working on a NIH-funded clinical study with Stanford University and Talkspace about online, messaging-based treatment for trauma. We’re seeking participants for this study and wanted to share with this group. Those who qualify will receive free online treatment. Their participation could also help us improve digital mental healthcare and make therapy more accessible.

Due to therapist licensure, the study is currently open to people living in the following states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Oregon. Participants also need to be 18 or older.

You can email the study team at [email protected] to learn about how to apply to see if you are eligible.

If you have any questions or experience issues with the sign-up process, please reach out to [email protected]. Thank you!

@TextingStudy Please stop spamming multiple threads with links to your study. They will be deleted, and are wasting our all-volunteer staff time.

We have very few rules in this community (4, in total) and you’re breaking 2 of them, by duplicating content & self promotion. The ONLY place in the forums to link to your research are here, in News, Studies, & Research. We will ban your IP and delete your thread if you continue behaviors that can only be seen as spam, or trolling this community, if continued.

Thank you.
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As a slight aside? (Speaking as a member, rather than a mod)

I happen to ADORE Stanford. My son at 9/10 was admitted into the summer youth program (by way of the Davidson Institute, Maths), and I’ve been using their online courses for yeeeeears. (Both the free-online modern courses, as well as the course content simply published online, same as OxBridge does, that been published for yonks) which has allowed me to challenge IDFK how many credits in various degree paths. It. Is. A. Great. School. And my best wishes for your study/dissertation.