Has anyone grown dwarf fruit: favorite gardening plants?

Tornadic Thoughts

I did that with green onions last year, @Recovery4Me ! We got a big bunch from a local organic farmer and I told the hubby not to throw those roots in the compost, and instead, planted them and watched them grow. I love me some free groceries! :)

We finally got the two mulberry trees planted and hubby put a temporary fence thingy around them - but - the grid on one of them was way too big, and that same night, a deer got it's head through it to do a little leaf munching.

Hubby found the fence thingy pretty far away from the tree, so I'm guessing it got stuck and had to fight its way out. :( It now has a much smaller grid fence and we hope it grows back out - and hope the deer didn't hurt itself during the late night munch session.


The un-munched one:


The paw-paw trees that are in the same vicinity - looking forward to seeing fruit one of these years:




So cool @Tornadic Thoughts !! I want so bad for our drought to be over so I can get some blueberries bush and a dwarf orange tree. But for now this is what I have before I harvest before the 100 degree heat wave up tomorrow


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Wow, your trees look great @Tornadic Thoughts! I'm having my pawpaws shipped as bare roots so we'll see how that goes. I'm going to transplant tomatoes outside today, and since my pepper seeds didn't germinate I'll have to buy some pepper plants. My kale, beets, and cabbage are doing well but my seeds must have been a bit too old for the broccoli and cauliflower. Next year.

My stuff looks like nothing compared to yours @Recovery4Me. I hope to put the cover on my greenhouse before the fall so I can move some things in there. I have too much work to do to get much in the ground. Or maybe I have so much to get in the ground that the annuals will take a back step to everything else.

Yesterday my son and I finished the run for our 23 6 week old chicks. We moved them all outside and moved the broody hens into their space. The chicks did well overnight, and I hope to develop the space more for more chickens. Then I will move them and have a fertilized, tilled space. This is mostly a learning year for me.


Hey! Thanks for keeping the communication flowing you all! It is nice to connect on nature.🤗 Just wanted to smile with you all concerning this pix. For all my plow farming as well as attempts to grow tomatoes in containers …this here tiny cherry tomato (be it still green lol) is the first I have ever grown 🤫😂💪🏼. May your day be filled with laughter lol.

@DharmaGirl You are amazing : great job 👏🏼


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I had a tomato (cherry variety) self-seed this year right next to my dwarf lemon/lime tree. I ignored it pretty much. It grew incredibly late in the season and I didn't think it would amount to anything. It was feeding off the fertilizer I give to my tree I think.

Hmm what do I know? I've harvested about 40 kg of tomatoes from this one plant. It sprawled about 6 metres around the yard, climbing over the tree, fences and hanging off stuff.

Made about 20 jars of relish, eaten a tonne, cooked a heap into passata and given heaps away. Just pulled it out of the ground because recent frosts finished it off. I had 12 kg of green tomatoes - about half are going to turn and the rest I've made into Green tomato pickle - not something I've made before. It tastes fairly strong at the moment, good paint stripper but apparently the flavours settle down after a while. Let's hope so because it is very spicy!

All a gift because I truly didn't care for this plant at all.

I've squashed some over-ripe cherries onto some paper to save the seed. If one plant can give me all of that it must be a good one to grow again.

I'm preparing the ground for where I will plant next year. What's the bet it doesn't grow? lol...

Planted a beautiful granny smith apple in the back yard a couple of weeks ago. Hoping it will do okay.

My dwarf mandarin has finally fruited, four years after planting and is giving me beautiful little bright orange globes of fruit. Yum.

My lemon/lime is so overladen with fruit that the branches are bowing down to the ground. I've researched staking them but maybe I'll just get busy and pick some of the fruit off it. Marmalade making time is approaching.

My next project is a naval orange tree, a quince and a bay tree. Getting them into the ground as soon as I can.

I'm growing native grasses for 'lawn' instead of exotic breeds. They are a combination of three seeds - spring, summer and winter varieties. Frost, drought resistant. Doesn't need mowing much and even less water. It seeds and self-sows. My ideal plant it seems.


@blackemerald1 So good to read you: I am tickled pink you chimed in and contributed such humor and stories! Been thinking about you and I am amazed concerning how many members seem to be master gardeners at this site! I will learn a lot - so don’t be a stranger because if all goes well😉 I might be needing some of those recipes for tomatoes.

One thing I noticed (as I have cataracts being pesky) is little white somethings come out of the veggies as they are boiled or steamed 🤨. Could be tiny aphids so I guess I better look it up and see if they are good protein lol cuz I can’t see them when I water the plants and I look close as I can.😂
Let me know about your garden from time to time…so relaxing to read growth and challenges. Take dear friend.


@DharmaGirl 😢 So very sorry to hear that concerning your home with all you put into it and then the chickens as well. This is so sad as well as traumatic. Your plate is going to be so full managing the additional stress that these are just my thoughts (not necessarily good ones for you)-

1) while searching, clamoring for help through any charity available such as Salvation Army or Catholic Charities (sometimes you can get deposit assistance) 211 phone or internet…one’s that actually care and/or assist ask if there is a women’s home, church, farm ect that you might rehome your trees as well as livestockgood for the good of all
2) if you have an idea of where you are moving and there is room for everything… large containers will keep the trees alive for sometime (depends on your funds and situations)
3) find a co-op farm group that would greatly appreciate and know the ropes for your trees with a understanding that perhaps down the road they would give you cuttings/bare roots from those trees as well as some free produce for a bit as you get reestablished

I have found what is one person’s treasure is not always another’s…so the poor trees might be uprooted or not taken care of by the new renter. Again…love, light and prayers your way as you champion hard choices and a difficult situation. 🤗🤗
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I am being kicked out.
^Wait - no stop - why is this happening? I thought you were settled there and you've done so much! I'm so sorry.
Should I plant them anyway? I
^Plant into very large tubs rather than trying to rehome them later. Use really good quality soil with plenty of structure to it and keep them well watered but not wet. They can last a year or more in tubs - evidenced by nurseries that sell more mature trees for more money. At least if you cannot find a place to settle in time, you can sell them on as almost mature fruit trees..

Could be tiny aphids

One of my dwarf fruit trees was being overrun by ants and I couldn't understand what the attraction was. So I g'd it and discovered that ants 'farm' aphids. So to save the tree I needed to get rid of the aphids and then the ants would leave.

I mixed a cup of vegetable oil, 1/2 cup no-name dish liquid into a jar - shook vigorously. Added a small quantity of that to a small house-hold spray bottle that I rinsed out and added a little water. Wallah!! - home made white oil. Sprayed the tree several times for about three weeks. No more aphids, no more ants and the tree has returned the favour by bursting out new leaves where the aphids had previously eaten the little branches bare. Good recipe for to rid yourself of aphids. Otherwise check on the underside of your leafy green vegetable's. You'll likely find a grub or two that can be picked off and fed to chooks etc.


Wait - no stop - why is this happening?
From two weeks after moved in my mother has been abusive. I was getting myself some sugar free ice cream one evening and she rushed in from the deck screaming that she's tired of all the drama (???) and I had to go to ER the next day and get an MRI. It's a longer story, but as an adult, I decided NOT to go back to the ER on the chance they might give me an MRI since I had an appointment with my doc to schedule one. She does this once or twice a month on different subjects. She screams, brings up unrelated stuff, is sarcastic...the list goes on and on. My son and I walk on eggshells around her, and can tell days before she is going to have a rage. She thinks I'm secretly moving her things and putting them in different places. I'm not. Anyway, she came in to my garage/studio and started raging. My son told her to stop and of course she called him a pain in the ass. We won't live like this. She wrote me an email telling me she's selling her property so she can live her last years in peace. Sadly, she is the one causing the drama and since she is never wrong, will never be able to deal with it.

Back to our regularly scheduled program...I love the idea of the large tubs. I could grow them on a patio. The good news is that we're moving back to zone 8b, where I'm used to growing. I'm taking potted blueberries, my strawberries, tiny orange tree, lilacs, tomatoes. Jeez, I hope I have room for other things, lol.
Oh @DharmaGirl - I'm so very sorry. I can see why there's a need to find a better place to live. I know the amount of effort, time and money you put into moving there and I cannot even imagine all of the work building and planting too. :( I hope your next place is much calmer and happier.

It seems you're going to be able to move a lot of plants. I hope your chicks like the climate too. :) Take care x