Has your efforts changed social gathering avoidance?


Our family gatherings are limited, so I have to say that is very helpful for me. A couple years ago I had to just not invite my 45 yr old daughter and bf and kids. Thats a different situation....its their drug use. They dont drive so we have to transport, interrupting the little relaxation we might have after hosting and preparing everything. During the time they were here, their behavior creates tension for me and sympathy for others. Eventually they must do drugs in the bathroom and the nodding off starts, which is noticeable to all. They often have an outbreak of head lice, scabies, or bed bugs which makes my skin crawl and everyone else too. ( seems like part of life if your on the right drugs evidently)

Just hosting gatherings are getting challenging but I do enjoy. Its just getting harder to get all the stuff done even though we enjoy. Afterwards, its bed for 2 days.


Thats a different situation....its their drug use.

So sad but a part of reality for many families. It takes a lot to open up about this area and your boundaries. I may not say this in a way that resonates with you, but you have my full respect having been a 12 Step Leader/chair for Codependence long ago. To me, walking on my side of the street is affirmative action for self preservation not necessarily avoidance within a no-win situation. But I understand what you are offering. Luv and light sent surrounding your sadness of loss.