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Hospital Stays: for those times when it is necessary, what's in your "bug out bag'?

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New Here
I decided to make one - right now I am thinking pencil, paper, paperback book, change of clothes. Any suggestions?
- Toothbrush (can’t stand fuzzy-teeth feels!), add other toiletries if I’m going to a private facilities (no point in a public facility, they usually take toiletries off me)
- Origami paper (I can keep myself calm folding paper cranes for hours and hours - creating your own personal grounding kit can be crazy helpful!) & multiple packs of mints
- Something to journal in (borrow pens from the nurses station - they’ll have paper, too, so the journal isn’t essential, but if it’s more than a couple of nights, loose paper becomes a bit of a headache for me)
- Clothes (including multiple changes of fresh underwear and socks) - super-comfy options only, and I’m wearing a pair of Ugg boots when I show up (only footwear I’m likely to need, but if I’m doing an inpatient program at a private facility, I take a set of workout gear)
- Phone charger and headphones
- List of current meds and PRN that I usually need to cope in hospital
- Pillow and doona (duvet) if I’m going private (again, no point if I’m going public)
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