I Feel Like The Only One - Triggered By Movie/TV Content

Hi. I'm new here. I'm scared to type this post. My anxiety has gotten so bad but I have to.
I'm a survivor of abuse as a child and for years I have had a lot of trouble with certain content in movies, on tv, hearing peers talk. I get very upset and feel like I'm not human because I don't feel "normal" like everyone else seems to feel. I also get angry because as a female, I feel objectified and less than. I feel victimized all over again, I guess you could say. So I don't watch anything new, I don't go to see anything new. I'm buried in habit.
I've observed other survivors in the past and it seemed to me that no one else has the same feelings about this content.
I was just triggered recently completely out of the blue and that propelled me to do this. I'm trying to filter what I say, so I hope I'm making sense. Thanks.
im 17 and have cptsd and i dont watch live action tv anymore because watching it makes me very anxious. ive also had multiple instances of psychosis because for some reason my brain attaches to the show i watch and i start to think im in the show. its really strange. ive never heard anyone else say anything like this so. cartoons for life🤞🤞