Ketamine infusion therapy


Joey I may ask why the doc is doing rapamycin when it counteracts the anti-depressant effects of ketamine and ask for tramadol that enhances them. Here is the nih study on it.



Joey I may ask why the doc is doing rapamycin when it counteracts the anti-depressant effects of ketamine
Yep. It does that - in the short term. What has also emerged in more recent ketamine research is that rapamycin has the ability to extend the anti-depressant effect over a longer period of time. You basically sacrifice some immediate benefits in exchange for a longer-lasting lift, overall.

So rapamycin....

We decided to try it because it has shown to make a real difference in terms of the lasting positive effect of the ketamine. People who were responders (like me), but having only a transient benefit (like me), reported that - for over half of those in the study - there was a noticeable extension on the length of time they could take between infusions. So, we tried it on the off chance that it would have the same benefit for me, and somehow make the ketamine work better overall.

Like @Rainman8772 's link shows, the first thing that happens with rapamycin is a perceptible 'dip' in effectiveness. This was also a noticeable mind-f*ck for me, as I had just started to get used to the fact that I'd feel a little better following the infusion...and now, I felt - if anything - worse, for about five days.

Then, there was a pretty steep ramp up, it only took about 18 hours to pull up out of the 'dip'. And, I did find that I wasn't falling off of the positive effects as quickly as I had in the non-rapamycin sequence.

Another interesting effect, and there's nothing really solid on this, though it jives with how the molecules interact - when dosing ketamine with rapamycin, the dissociative experience is far less hallucinogenic. Way less vivid. Still out-of-body, still weird - but less of a feeling of a trip, and more like just floating in space.

And, not gonna lie - it sucks to be taking an immunosuppressant (rapamycin) in the middle of a pandemic. That's not especially pleasant. It's a single dose, but it's the induction dose, so it's fairly high. Takes about 48 hours to clear, so just requires being extra-aware of not exposing myself to shit unnecessarily.

So, I'll be doing one more infusion two weeks from now with rapamycin, and then will give just straight ketamine a try again, and see if I get this same "boost" from having done the rapamycin. that some others in a study got.