Narc mom dying of brain cancer

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Thank you R4Me for your words of wisdom and compassion. They are a source of comfort for me and it is nice to hear of the positive outcomes and possibilities.
Having experienced "The Killing Fields" I wish not to embark upon a description of the feelings and triggers associated with this.
The Prayer of St. Francis is awesome.
Healing and search for serenity are so important.
We are wise and justified to place ourselves at safe distance from those who are narcissistic and have proven they will harm us.
It is also comforting to seek understanding and forgiveness - ESPECIALLY OF OURSELVES - and our frailties and needs (for safe distance).
Finding that balance is important.
And being good with it in our own mind also important.
@Weedflower: Thank you so much for sharing.
Be careful. Be safe. And be good with yourself whatever your decision may be!
Thank you for your words too.
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