Nightmares you don’t remember & waking up feeling off, stiff, sore.

Hi :)
I'm new here and this is my first post. I thought it was significant that yours was the first to jump out at me.
I have recently learned that when we wake up, we are very fragile and susceptible. Our chemical balance is switching from melatonin to seratonin. We are creatures of habit and addiction whether we know it or not. Research is showing that the chemicals of "uneasiness" we experience in the mornings are a regression into an addictive state. We are addicted to those chemicals and states of mind, whether driven by what happened in your sleep or not. I find the physiology useful to combat some of this stuff.
The absolute best way to get your nervous system to reregulate and start to learn to move away from that addictive behavior is the physiological sigh. It's a double in breath with a longer out breath. You want to take a first breath all the way in, and then basically surprise yourself at the top with another inhale to inflate all your alveoli, and then let the breath out more slowly than your breath in. This should all be through the nose if possible. You can also hold for a few seconds on either side of in breath or out breath. Your heart rate speeds up when you breath in, so that is why to keep the exhale longer and add in a few seconds of breath holding if you're comfortable with it.
Even one breath will help, but 5 minutes first thing in the morning can set you up for a more centered and regulated day :)
Please try it out!