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Over a million acres burned

Discussion in 'Natural Disaster' started by Justmehere, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. SaharaSon

    SaharaSon Well-Known Member

    Justme, is there any progress being made in fighting the fires in Montana? I heard about the fires in the Western States but being in Florida I was distracted with hurricane Irma. Have you heard of any Florida firefighters helping you guys out? If not, I will contact the Governors office with a request. What is the deal with all these fires? Are they being set or what? On Rosh Hashanah I send out a special prayer to God for intercession on the fires in these western states. Let the coming year be a great year for these western states with no smoke and fire. Amen. Shalom.

    Justme, I have just contacted the Governor Rick Scott of Florida and asked him to send some firefighters to the State of Montana to help with fighting the fires. I worked on his campaign for Governor. He has turned out to a heck of a good Governor. Don't be surprised if a bunch Florida firefighters show up (possibly in Bermuda shorts!) to help you guys out. Shalom.
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  3. SpiritSong

    SpiritSong Before Dawn, my favorite time of day Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    My heart goes out to all of you with any smoke in your air. I dealt with that last summer here in far western North Carolina. One whole town did burn that I know of too. I remember for weeks that I had a packed bag, ready to leave at a moment's notice. I have a Guinea Pig and I had a special cage I was going to bring him in too. My neighbor (who has a car) was graciously offering to evacuate me because I don't drive due to disabilities. However, we did not know where we would be going exactly. She has a sister down in TN so we thought maybe there.

    We had smoke in the air too, and though I do not have asthma, I can relate to the scratchy throat and the burning lungs. Been there, done that.... no fun! A huge ouch.

    Be well, all of you, praying for rain!
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