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Responsible Drinking - What’s Your Poison?

If forgetfulness a sign of PTSD....

Add Angry Orchard Cider to the list. Love the crisp dry taste.....
<grin> I do love a good dry cidre.

Stella Artois has a very subtle one, that you might like, if you like Angry Orchard. A breeze, instead of a gale, of appleishicousness.

On the fruit & forgetfulness front… Negronis. & Elysian Brewing’s Hazy collection. I prefer beer flavored beer, but they have an amaaazing orange to bitter orange OOMPH in their Hazy line.

When I was in college and began my dance with the eating disorder Dragon I was horrified at the calories girls consumed in alcohol. It's always been easy for me to "just say no." If I am going to annihilate my body with calories, give me really good chocolate!💜
OMFG… So I’ve got a wee little smidge of a giant whopping ED on top of trauma related food issues… (I am NOT anorexic, I’ve “just” got an eye disorder. I don’t see myself as I really am. Cough. I am avoiding mirrors like the plague, right now. My Anorexia is trying to kill me, and I’m ignoring the hell out of it and buying/cooking/eating both real food and supplements.) 40lbs. In 4 months. Toooootally a side effect of almost zero physical activity plus still eating/drinking. I just keep telling myself “easy on, easy off” like a mantra. I will FIX my stupid back, and get back in shape. If I don’t let my ED derail my life, and start starving myself.


This life, thing. Not for the faint of heart.
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me? drink? not my drug of choice but it happens from time to time and like you there was a time where it happened a bunch. I can embibe with the best of them, with a skill level that borders on deliberate self destruction. Not caring what happens next is both a requirement for and a result of the kind of binge drinking I know I can accomplish.

As a medicinal tonic? Right there with you, I wouldn't like it very much. Hepatitis C history with the resulting liver challenges (undetectable for almost twenty years, I did it before it was a pill, it was draconian that cure) and a life dependant on good sleep and fresh awakenings provided by the use of benzodiazepine keep it off my list of things to do. Regularly.

But as long as the list of favorite drinks is out, let me scroll upon it a few of my fav's. Negroni is a pink Martini, but get over it, a lot of things I like are pink, If I find myself at a good bar with an open bottle of campari, that's my order. Gin, in all it's forms, is not as you say for the girls. It is a civilized liquor with infinite variations, Negroni's and tanqueray and tonic are my two inputs here. Tequilla, with two bottles. Husongs for the first few shots, then I don't care if it's cheap ass tequila after that, it's usually cuervo but I know that the tenth shot could be flat beer and I wouldn't care or know. And my last input is the fabled Absinth, if you like black licorice you are my friend and lets have some absinth. If not, I will not waste good liquor on trying to convince you it is good. I have mixed it on occasion with other liquors, but the traditional chilled water and sugar is the best. A shot of Absinthe, a shot of good dry gin and tonic for filler with enough lime twist to make you pucker is a house special, a three legged frog. Rare, green, and holy crap fast.

The first responder in me says to part with a warning- never drink and drive. Our grandkids will be amazed that we had places where people drove to with the only intent being to drink and then drive home. I could be found guilty of DUI and vehicular manslaughter and on my first day out, buy a car, buy some gas and grab a bottle. I can't vote or buy a firearm, but I can assemble the ingredients to ruin some poor guys life, or end the life of someones daughter. Thats f*cked up, embarrassingly f*cked up.
I'm a gin guy. Martinis are fine but I really like a nice gin and tonic. And make it a double. We have some excellent locally made gin.

I like margaritas but tequila makes me very mean.

Red wine is also nice. Not a big chardonnay fan but almost everything else is good. I personally prefer shiraz or syrah.

Sadly it looks like my beer drinking days are over. Nowadays beer just makes me fart and sleep.
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My poison of choice is rum, dark and spiced are better than white unless it’s a mojito. Captain morgan’s spiced is the happy go lucky get it anywhere on a night out choice. Kraken is decent, OVD/Sailor Jerry etc. Dead Man’s Fingers is bloody awful, I’d take whiskey over that. I did once try a very expensive one, it was a tenner for a nip. Couldn’t tell you what it was called, it was a treat when I graduated.

Other than that, will happily drink most cocktails and the usual get me drunk fast please culprits like a cheeky vimto or jäger.

I should learn to appreciate whiskey I suppose, having been in Scotland a decade. Closest I get to enjoying whiskey is a baileys I’m afraid!

The better half insists on a bottle of nice white wine when we go for meals so I’ve learnt to like it but can’t tell much of a difference between any of them, other than Pinot then Sauvignon and Chardonnay is not to my liking.
I swore off dark liquor years ago, but long island ice tea and Mt Dew is a favorite drink that I call "Long Over Dew". I might have this once or twice a year depending on the occasion.