Responsible Drinking - What’s Your Poison?


If forgetfulness a sign of PTSD....

Add Angry Orchard Cider to the list. Love the crisp dry taste.....
<grin> I do love a good dry cidre.

Stella Artois has a very subtle one, that you might like, if you like Angry Orchard. A breeze, instead of a gale, of appleishicousness.

On the fruit & forgetfulness front… Negronis. & Elysian Brewing’s Hazy collection. I prefer beer flavored beer, but they have an amaaazing orange to bitter orange OOMPH in their Hazy line.

When I was in college and began my dance with the eating disorder Dragon I was horrified at the calories girls consumed in alcohol. It's always been easy for me to "just say no." If I am going to annihilate my body with calories, give me really good chocolate!💜
OMFG… So I’ve got a wee little smidge of a giant whopping ED on top of trauma related food issues… (I am NOT anorexic, I’ve “just” got an eye disorder. I don’t see myself as I really am. Cough. I am avoiding mirrors like the plague, right now. My Anorexia is trying to kill me, and I’m ignoring the hell out of it and buying/cooking/eating both real food and supplements.) 40lbs. In 4 months. Toooootally a side effect of almost zero physical activity plus still eating/drinking. I just keep telling myself “easy on, easy off” like a mantra. I will FIX my stupid back, and get back in shape. If I don’t let my ED derail my life, and start starving myself.


This life, thing. Not for the faint of heart.
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Just randomly @Friday, if your back is bone related have you tried having it injected? Works for some & not others. I have various joints jabbed every now and then and it really helps.