A Turn Away From Dissociation: The Association Thread

This is a silly game for all of us to connect whom usually disconnect.

I will start with a word. The next person to post must post the first word that comes to mind (articles and prepositions do not count: the, a, an, of, etc.). The next person looks at the last post, posts their first word association, and so on. Please post your word at the end of your post so that this is the last word the next person reads and their association can be clear!

The fun of the game is getting from word 1 to word 10000, so keep it going and let's see where it takes us.

There is a good companion to this game that is an associative poetry game. PM me if you want to play that, because it can only be done in a group of 2-10 people.

The first word is...

*drum roll*