Advice for handling a wedding

I'd want him to believe me and uninvite them.
There is a part of me that worries I'm wrong. What if I'm misremembering the abuse? Memories can be altered, what if I'm altering my own memories? How can I even know that?
We all know that there was psychological and physical abuse. I don't know that anyone else was affected, what if this is something I (unwittingly) made up in therapy? My therapist was helping me to overcome the mental block where I couldn't remember most of my childhood but had PTSD triggers and this is what I remembered. I have vivid flashbacks and memories, but what if they're false?

I no longer live in the US with them all and have not associated with my father in 10 years.
My brothers both say he's changed for the better after some events led to him losing his job and having to crawl to his mom (also evil) for help a few years ago. I haven't trusted him since I was old enough to realize he was a liar who wouldn't protect me from himself.

I probably need to go back to therapy as it's been a few years.
It sounds like it might be worth telling him?
And if he uninvites, then you have a fantastic outcome. His wedding is a happy day. And you know he has compassion, empathy, understanding of what you went through. You have a great relationship with your brother. A lot to gain.

Equally, if you tell him and he doesn't uninvite him. Then you have to deal with that. Which is tough. But it gives you a real basis on which to make decisions. Go and work on the relationship with your brother. Or not go and focus on yourself.

We all doubt our memories. But, have faith. Why would you make this up? You wouldn't. Trust yourself. Self doubt. Self blame. Fixing things by yourself. Feeling the need to justify yourself. All very common things a lot of us on here feel.

We all believe you and we don't know you. So I hope you can believe yourself.