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AI 3.5 Now Released


I have now released account upgrades to access AI therapist 3.5 version at a cost of $4.50 per month. That figure may change slightly either way $1 at a time, depending on actual usage. I have released the service at this cost based on my initial data and making a predictive assessment of what a user will use within a 30 day period.

In essence, the cost is about $4 per month, but the actual cost covers the fees and charges, for example, when asking ChatGPT how much is the received cost, it is super close to $4:

The amount you will receive after fees and charges depend on the specific fees associated with your PayPal account and the transaction. However, as a general rule, PayPal charges a fee for receiving money which is usually a fixed fee plus a percentage of the transaction amount.

Currently, PayPal charges a fee of 2.9% of the transaction amount plus a fixed fee of $0.30 per transaction for sales within the US.

So, if you charged $4.50 via PayPal, the fee would be $0.30 + (2.9% x $4.50) = $0.30 + $0.13 = $0.43.

Therefore, the actual amount you would receive after fees and charges would be $4.50 - $0.43 = $4.07.
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Made a decision, I am leaving open the two public forums for use, and changed the upgrade to $2.50 for the members and private forums. Those who have subscribed, I have extended your upgrades until the end of July, more than beyond what you have paid, so extra love for supporting the service early before I knew exactly what I was going to do.

I have added $100 to the annual donations to help cover the open use forums. Combined with the cost per annum for the licensing plus the OpenAI costs, this is about a third of the overall cost, the rest I have covered for atleast the next year. After a year of use I will revisit whether the donation needs to increase more or not. If the use became insane, I will not rule out increases prior to next year. Basically, commonsense prevails, I can't see the future.