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Also Just For Fun- What are Your Comfort Foods/ Items?

I have a book I bought long ago, looks like its still available, it has just about any sauce you ever wanted to make and covers dressings as well. The title is:

Mayonnaise Hollandaise Bearnaise: A Cook's Book of Sauces published by Whitecap Books Ltd. There is no author - just recopies for sauces
Gyros! We have a Greek restaurant out here in the middle of nowhere and they have the best Gyros!
Finding out my sick chicken isn't sick, just has twine around his feet. He decided he was as good as dead and just fell down and let the other chickens peck him. What a drama queen.
Listening to the audio book series The Passage or The Emberverse series. The latter is set where I live.
Eggs Benedict....in many forms....