Atheist unite!!


God takes with him the best ones... ?‍♀️
It's also so typical of how they can answer any question with obviously god did that for a reason.

*pastor is sick*
Everyone pray!
*pray pray pray*
*pastor dies*
God loves pastor so much He let pastor live down on earth!
*or, pastor lives*
God loves pastor so much He brought pastor up to heaven with him!

Mmm, logic :tup:


Guess where one of our case clusters is? of our local churches. Churches had been exempt from stay-at-home orders, initially... :facepalm:

Otherwise, we're having a pretty hippy-dippy community and jokes have been going around social media that they're gonna be safe...what with all their crystals and stuff.


@bellbird @siniang We should start to spot all of the brighty ones who says God, cristals, faith healing, meditation, pure vegan diet, R. Hubbard, Shiva, Annubis, color healing, tm, my pastor, my suami, my spiritual teacher, my super spiritual stage, aurea stones healing, etc etc, are protecting me totally from de covid 19.
Just for pure social interest ?
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Ah yep, that was the name! I’m not usually following all this, so hence not fluent in nomenclature, but it had increasingly been mentioned and offered in a couple local FB groups, enough that I actually noticed :D


Finding myself turning to my atheism/free-thought/critical-thought/science as a means of re-regulating following the three year anniversary of the death of one of my best friends, yesterday. It's very grounding for me.

Woke up this morning feeling very emotionally-hungover, drained and just sad.
Put on some Tim Minchin and it perked me up a little. This is one of my favourites.
The song is brilliant, especially with the full orchestra.
There's quite a ramble of speech at the beginning, but that has some great nuggets in it too.
"...but I noticed him particularly because he had a long silver chain, and hanging at the end of the chain, a quite prominent silver cross. Y'know, the sort of cross you might wear if you're a fan of... intersections. Or the lowercase letter 'T'. Or probably most commonly, if you're a fan of the apparatus by which first-century Romans put to death and tortured Jewish insurgents."
Ever since I first heard that, I like to think of myself as not a fan of intersections.
Much prefer roundabouts :tup: