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Canoe Trip Story-All Invited

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Angelo debated about whether or not to return back to the shoreline and decided against it. His hearing was good and he'd rely on that to alert him to go swiftly to aid them if they arrived and sounded tired in any way. That, in his mind, would be their chief matter at hand. Their guests, who were present, needed his focus. So he finished the task of manfully pulling the items up into the treeline and tied off all the ropes while he still had light to see by. He then set up his shared tent space with his woman's help. It would only be a minute or two of her time as he had already laid out the tent poles in their proper positions and it was just easier to guide the poles into their designated positions with another to hold it in place. Then he waved her off of attaching the tent cords so she could return to their guests. He would put their cots, sleeping bags and other gear within ready to snuggle when they both retired. He was ecstatic over one particular thing--they had managed to pack his favorite item.. a book. This was his refuge to read when the weather turned foul. In all of the bustle of packing, he had worried it had been misplaced. Now that all was in order, the book was there, safe and sound. So now when his system could not expend itself in action, his mind could. That seemed to let out all remaining angst over the packing and he gave himself permission to really be present. He returned to the abandoned camp chair and found his plate of half eaten food. Now he sat down with his plate and used the next minutes to polish it off, truly hungry for it.

He grinned at Billie and Bill who had his favorite brew brand in hand. He felt like he might have converted them enough to visit the brewer's location and get some for themselves to take home with them. It made a nice souvenir. "You're welcome." he replied between bites.

Farine enjoyed having him close again. She positioned herself to be ideally situated to entertain Billie and her parents. There was something distinctive about having conversations by campfire light. She would make the most of it. Billie had relayed something about her experiences at college. To even mention frat parties in front of her parents showed she was brave. Farine would do her turn justice. She would tell the story about how she met Angelo. "So while you're enjoying your beer... Here is how I met Angelo."

Angelo perked up at this. This was one of his favorite stories and he felt she only told parts of it. He would insist in this matter particularly since Billie was young and impressionable that it would be aright. He swallowed the last bites of his dinner so he would be in position to intervene.

She had just broken up with her last boyfriend who almost met every criteria she had and was desperately needing cheering up. So her best friend had taken her to her favorite bar with the express purpose to get her introduced to someone new. Only, she hadn't told Farine that. There was a special going on there as they also served food. So Farine was blindsided with this as Susan disappeared a few times to check out the other patrons. "I thought I was there for the hot wings. "

Angelo smiled.. This was how she usually began their love story.. 'I was there for the hot wings.' He spoke up. "I was at the bar itself ordering for myself and my friend, Bob, who had eyes for Susan. When I saw Susan report back to Farine, I tapped Bob to distract Susan who was in fact, looking for love herself and all too easily was stripped of her focus on Farine, seated at a booth just GOOBERED with hot wing sauce on her fingers as she was eating. Not exactly romantic, I'll grant you. I saw something on her face which seemed to be the perfect entry line for me... just a gentlemanly thing to do... point out there was a bit of sauce on her cheek. "

Farine colored up. She tended to leave that bit of the story out. Yes.. yes.. it happened.. She was knee deep in eating wings. At least the low light of the fire hid most of the blush. She knew once Angelo started, the WHOLE story was being told.

Angelo nodded subtly to Farine... oh yes.. the WHOLE story... he continued. "So, I approached her booth and said, 'Miss, you have a bit of .. you know... there... " and I quietly pointed out where the sauce was... and she...

... "I then took a napkin and when I dabbed at the spot he indicated.. a red smear came off on the napkin. So he was right. And Susan.. where WAS Susan anyway.. then at this exact moment I realized... "

... "I slid into the empty seat where Susan was SUPPOSED to be... and made eye contact. I was smitten. Not fatally so. THAT came later. But I knew I wanted to certainly date her. She wasn't like anyone else I had ever met. So now it wasn't like the normal situation where I can just flex a few muscles and buy a few drinks. She was a LADY. I only had a few drinks in me so I was mostly sober. .."

"Here was this MASSIVE man sliding into the spot where Susan had LEFT ME... and he spent a few seconds just looking at me.. and I was looking at him.. and I realized .. I was on a date. "

Angelo was deep in the memory of looking at her for the first time.... he stopped at that moment in his telling to just savor that moment. His world changed entirely at that time. Their story might suffer in its pacing with his pause, but he needed to remember that. Sometimes she stretched him out. Sometimes she frustrated his intentions. That was a pure moment when they KNEW they were somehow connected even before they had given each other their names..
Billie was a bit dizzy, so she took a salt tab with her beer. She told them that she tended to get a bit sodium deficient in the summer. She felt better then.

You two seem perfect for one another, she said. I'm glad you met.

Dad, tell them how you used to give me a bit of beer when I was a baby. They might like to hear that story. So Bill proceeded to tell them about the little shot glass that was shaped like a beer mug. He'd fill it once and give it to his daughter. She drank it like a pro, too.
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Billie was a bit dizzy, so she took a salt tab with her beer. She told them that she tended to get a bit sodium deficient in the summer. She felt better then.

You two seem perfect for one another, she said. I'm glad you met.
Angelo caught the look from Farine the instant that Billie rose to her feet. It clearly was both protective and caution. His answering look was a necessary one as HE WAS IN CHARGE of safety. And right now, Billie had no idea what she had just started with her artless interruption. At this point, the matter wasn't about that she had offended by insisting her father tell a story in the middle of theirs. It wasn't that she hadn't taken any direction the twelve hours she had been around them. It was that they really didn't exist. Not if she had a desire that went in another direction. And that needed addressing now. Angelo drew himself out of the camp chair slowly. He didn't want to give Bill the notion that he was a threat. The way Billie gave direction to her father told him all he needed to know about the new graduate from college. She hadn't been around too many real men. His direct look into Billie's eyes was prudence. She should stand down. But he'd get his message across first before he would give her that opportunity. ...

... "You are out of order. And this isn't some trip through the mall with your friends. I've already decided that taking you down whitewater rapids isn't an option. If we call for a hard right to stay in the current, you're liable not to do it. Just because. And you are liable to decide not to take this feedback and decide you're leaving. But it's better to have this conversation now than with you somehow hurt or stranded without help over fifty miles from the nearest hospital or medical center. Think about that. You have all of this unspoiled land here because people don't come here hardly ever. And you're acting as if they are just around the corner. What say you?"
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Angelo FELT it... the shift in Billie when she said, "Um, sorry. I guess I wasn't thinking, please forgive me. " He believed her, then his energy and bearing shifted as well.. "I forgive you.' His gaze softened. And he spared a side glance at Bill who clearly had encountered this a few times along the way raising Billie. What Angelo saw now was a softer version of Billie. He LIKED her spirit though. There had to be a way to have both. He tilted his head and regarded her. If she had the sensitivity to realize it... he was thoroughly assessing her. He took a step back and then folded his large arms across his chest.. "Well? I'm willing to reconsider my options as you have clearly reconsidered yours. What I'd like to do is finish the story first. BUT.. think about how you could really enjoy this experience. Because it seems to me that a little exposure to new perspectives and life events will grow you. You're a beautiful woman, Billie. "
@Farine - as far as I was aware, this is a story thread - not a role-playing thread. Changing4Best is a member, not a character in a story, and your choice to respond to them as if they are 'Billie' is inappropriate.

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Angelo poked the fire some... settling his frame back into the camping chair.. a thoughtful look on his face.. He figured at this point the other group either turned aside to another camping spot or were out of earshot.. He gave a nod to Billie, her parents... "I"m sorry.. " He said quietly..

Farine as well felt that this moment needed to be acknowledged.. "I"m sorry as well.. " Now it was up to their guests to decide what would happen.. Some groups turned back.. some continued..
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