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Other Cervical screening


So, I'm 38 and I've never had a cervical screening....I've had 3 children, so that probably seems silly....doesn't it? Like, I had all those people around me during labour and I can't face a 121 with a nurse 🤦‍♀️ Anyway, I've booked a cervical screening for the Tues 5th Sept at 11.30 because on 4 different occasions, I've had some bleeding after sex. I'm 70/30 that's it's due to the position but obviously, I know it's something that should be checked. I feel ok about it at the mo but I know, closer the time...it's going to be a different story! I have a session before it at 10-10.50, so that's probably a good thing....to be able to talk it through with Charlotte before hand. Are you ladies all up to date with yours?
I'm up to date with mine, but only because I went to a clinic specifically for people who have had sexual violence. And I met with the nurse and a psychologist and we chatted about what disassociation looked like for me, what I wanted, what would happen etc. And they put me in total control and it was successful.

Are you asking about how to cope?

What really helped me is writing a care plan before hand of everything I wanted (the clinic encouraged this) and then talking that through with them .
For me it included:
Knowing what equipment they are using
How much lube
Being able to wash myself afterwards to clean off the lube
Where they stood
What position I was in
Talking me through what they are doing at the time they are doing it and just before (no pretending it isn happening talk about holidays and weather)
Etc etc etc.

Another thing that helped was my T pointing out that I was expecting it to be traumatic, and something can be hard but still be ok. That helped shift my thinking and opening up the possibility that it won't make me feel like trauma is happening again.

Well done for booking yours and this self care. It sounds really important you do this given bleeding after sex.
I’m wicked late on mine, just because access to healthcare is really difficult for me, right now.

IE I’ve had multiple docs give me emergency referrals to specialists…. See within 72hours (GPS, Urgent Care, ERs all flagging me as a priority patient)… that I’ve been waiting over a year to see.

On the upside? My family has a STELLAR wrongful death suit, if I kick it before being able to see the specialists I need to.

One of my ongoing fears IS that my cervical cancer (first went wild when I was pregnant 20 years ago, and has been in remission since) has been metastasising & is causing all these symptoms. But? Without access to docs, there is no way to know.