Depression and body aches


Super Basic - Push fluids & move around more

((Even if going about a busy day? People who are depressed rarely shift/adjust/move as often as even people who are asleep move around to relieve pressure and increase circulation/flush toxins. If you’re going about a busy day as normal? Wiggle your toes, open and close your hands, shift your weight, look in different directions, turn your whole body to look at something, instead of just flicking your eyes at it, shrug your shoulders, just mooooove. On purpose. >>> It’s a SUPER QUIRKY thing to run into with ADHD, as tiny muscle movements are so much of a part of the disorder, as is attempting to restrict movements to be below the “annoying others” threshold, that moving on purpose? Feels as “wrong” as drinking through your nose. Yes, possible. No, not fun/rational/WTF would I do that??? But with depression? Even the perpetual motion machine grinds to a stop. Leaving compression injuries of bizarreness.))

Beyond that? Cha. Good-bye endorphins. Please come back soon. I. Need. You.