Poll Do You Believe That PTSD Affects You Physically and Mentally? If so, How?

Do You Believe That PTSD Affects you Physically and Mentally? If so, How?

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My physical symptoms, started with digestive problems, ulcers. Asthma, in the last few years ulticaria, excema. Palpitations, I have even passed out once. At present damage to my teeth due to grinding at night, botox injections into jaw muscles have helped, ongoing dental renavations by specialist. Exhaustion etc.


There is not doubt that this affects me in every aspect of my life. I get horrid migraines from the stress, from jaw clenching, my jaw swells, I have IBS, my back goes out from being stressed out, I get muscle cramps. lose weight, have muscle spasms, stop sleeping, etc... I fall apart when I get stressed. Then my mind? Well, sometimes I wonder where it went. I have no memory, half the time can't talk or type or function in anyway, lose it emotionally if stressed etc.. then you have the mind playing tricks on you when your hypervigilant, having anxiety etc.. there is no doubt as to the connection with me. If one goes, the other follows.



The mental aspects gives me physical symptoms. Thinking about the trauma gives me stomach problems. Getting tense at every little noise, especially when I'm tuned into my trauma ruminations, means that my muscles tense until I'm exhausted. And because I can't get a good night's sleep, I feel lousy, am not hungry and don't eat well, which all leads to a weakened immune system and I get sick. A vicious cycle.

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It starts with anxiety/tension and shaking, fatigue, elevated blood pressure, withdrawal from family/ friends, difficulty breathing, increased hip pain. Unchecked the symptoms worsen to severe outbreak of psoriasis, nausea, vomiting, irritable bowels, and vaginal bleeding. My body totally rebels and I am unable to function. I know the last sounds strange, not in your typical list of symptoms, but they ran thorough tests and that was what they said caused it. Other than my PTSD and a wickedly bad hip I am perfectly healthy.


I'm affected both ways, definitely. Physically I have IBS, migraines, tension headaches. The headaches and IBS are chronic in that I've had to see specialists for both in the past - and both diagnosed it entirely stress-related. I also suffer with nausea, cramps. When I'm triggered I shake, tremble, shiver, my jaw clamps shut. I get faint and dizzy, and general discomfort physically. Mentally, well the list is endless. My memory is affected, my concentration, my sleep, my moods. I space out, feel unsafe, get depressed, obsess, distract, avoid, can't think, and get exhausted.


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Yes definately. I was hospitalised last month for two weeks with "fitting" that I couldn't control. I'm not epileptic, but my whole body would twitch. The first night it was for 4 hours. I eventually ended up on a walking frame. After being moved to a psychiatric hospital, it was found to be stress and panic. My doc had a term for why I couldn't walk and needed the frame. Plus I have had abdominal spasms for two years with no known cause. I can now stop them using breathing techniques. The doc thinks they were stress/panic as well. So yes there is a link.


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The mental is obvious.

As for the physical, well I thnk my stomach problems have only gotten worse from the worry and all the drugs I have to take. Also, I guess sleep would be a part of the physical. I can't sleep. I mean, I've taken over the counter sleeping pills, anti-histomeans (sp?) anything that I think will help me sleep and nothign works. Everytime I ask a doctor for a sleeping pill they give me something thats not a sleeping pill, but is for something else and doesn't help at all.

oh well.


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I find it affects me both mentally and physically. I am forever drained. I have no energy physically and mentally, my brain just doesn't want to work.


Yes, all the way.

I am anxious all the time, constantly scanning my environment for threats. I can get confused about what is in the past, and what's going on now. [I am working lots with this in therapy.] I miss out on enjoying life because I am so scared all the time, scared of people, scared of getting hurt.

My anxiety and panic attacks can make me dizzy. I landed up in A and E last Autumn because I was so dizzy from anxiety I couldn't stand up never mind walk.

I get a lot of constipation, I used to get urine infections, because of held in distress, but with therapy that's eased a lot. I still need to go to the loo a lot though, and have done since I was a child, with anxiety. It increases the toxins and I feel the need to expel them as fast as possible.

I can't handle unknown people close to me, I can't bear unknown people looking at me on public transport.


i am living proof

the stress and supressed emotions and out right anger has affected my health. I vomited when i was stressed and that distroyed my teeth. i have had ulcers . stress headachs, and so on and so on..
I am reminded everytime I take a step with my left foot how disabled I am by the past. My stress tolerance is low and when stressed my physical endurance and ability to concentrate drops. . Hypervigilance makes doing everyday things harder and mentally and physically I get tired rather rapidly.
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