What Can I Do About Ptsd? Without Medications

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This might be off topic but I am having a hard time with my meds, it's not that they don't work but I have put on 30lbs over the last year. I have tryed to eat better but I feel so hungery all the time. For going to the gym that is a hard place to go because of the people and if i don't go in the morning I don't have the modavation to go at noon when I get off work because I am all warn out from the stresses at work. Can some one give some insight on what I could do?



Hey Nate,

What meds are you on. I am on Zoloft in the morning and Avanza at night. Avanza has unexpected weight gain as a side effect, that is why I am looking around myself for another night medication. Its amazing though, putting on weight causes you to be depressed, yet anti-depressants cause weight gain. Doh.

The other thing I found Nate was that my metabolism has slowed as I am older and I don't lose weight like I used to.

So my advice would be to search around for medications that might suit you and don't have weight gain. Ask your MD.



Different meds have different side effects... you can try changing meds... though take into account each change has a withdrawal and then obviously effect period, so you will bounce all over the place during changes. Its just a matter of finding the right one for you, with the least side effects that does the best overall for your body.
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