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Sexual Assault Feeling exposed


I feel like I completely exposed myself. Went out on Friday night and admittedly, I drank way too much. Got in to an argument with my friends boyfriend because he was upsetting her (I didn't just involve myself, my friend asked me to talk to him)...telling her to leave things in the past....obviously trauma doesn't work like that and I really went off on him. He kept telling me that I couldn't say how he didn't understand, when he did, because it happened to someone he knew....but to me, you don't understand it, you couldn't understand it, unless it's happened to you and I just blurted it out that I knew what it was like, because it happened to me too. Obviously I only got like this and said what I did because I was drunk. I feel weird about it. I haven't even told my little ones dad about that (but then, little ones dad has contributed to trauma) I don't see my therapist for another week and I just feel a bit weird and sad
Unfortunately people usually don't get it's not as easy as just keeping it in the past. Despite my unfortunate history being far behind me and not bothering me anymore, the scar it left and retraumatization I dealt to myself keeps holding to me. I do hear often "stop being like that, stop being ball of fear and sadness".
I wish best for you. Take care!
Oooooh I HATE this. So, so very much.

Been there, and done that.

More than I care to think about.

On the upside? You got drunk and told off someone else’s boyfriend, instead of telling off someone you love/trust/respect. (As opposed to telling them, rationally, to a point/purpose, without lowered inhibitions.). So?

1. You now have warning it’s bubbling very close to the surface.
2. You know you will be honest if it can help someone you love, even if it hurts you. (That’s also known as bravery.)
3. Condolences. I HATE HATE HATE exposing me’self more than I would have chosen, otherwise.