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Flashbacks in Class


New Here
How do you supress flashbacks? I don't how it happens but I begin to remember things about my ex while in class and I genuinely feel sick. Then it becomes all I can think of and I can't focus on anything else. Its so bad sometimes, what are methods you use to make it less intense?
This is reading to me more like intrusive thoughts, than flashbacks; which have different coping skills.

(There’s no one is worse that the other, with these. Intrusive thoughts can be so profound a person will kill themselves, &/or hit psychosis/insanity/madness, whilst flashbacks can be mildly annoying, at worst. Why the hell are my neighbors BBQ’ing sewage?!? Oh. Blink. Blink. They wouldn’t be. Well there goes my last 2 days of smelling smoke! Stupid damn flashbacks. Roll eyes. And? Vice versa. They’re just 2 different things. Both with their own scales of mild to severe to brutal as fawk.)

If it's remembering and intrusive thoughts. Being aware that this is an intrusive thought helps. Then, if you have an internal dialogue, telling the thoughts/voice "thanks but not right now, I:ll come to you later". I.e. thought stopping. Helps.

If it's flashbacks. Again awareness. And then grounding in the moment. Sometimes something tactile. Whatever brings you back into the here and now.