From a terrible past to a better life to this day


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It has been from a terrible past to a better life for me.All started at age 13 when I hung around the bad crowd that was a hug negative influence on me.I started drinking at age 13 at times thinking it was cool to do it.It even put a toll on my relationship with my parents,saw I did not care at all.

Age 14,busted for drinking under age ticketed and then at age 15 a 2nd time.It did not scare me at all.Then in September of 1994,I was in a car which the driver was drunk going in the ditch rolling over.I had two fractured ribs and it was after that it made me change.

Got out of that crowd and got help.Was diagnosed with PTSD including having anxiety issues,therapist saw it was from something I was holding in too.For 2 weeks,would not let it out.Finally one day,I came out as transgender.I knew at age 5, I was a girl inside.

My parents saw I was hurting inside and decided to become supportive.Diagnosed with gender dysphoria,went on the estrogen and male hormone blockers in November of 1994.It got better more,my parents saw an unhappy son that had a bad past become a daughter that was much happier with a life changed around in the right direction.This was in my 5th month of my transiton.

Transitioned for 3 years ages 15 to 18 deciding not to have the GRS.Graduated from high school 27 years ago went to school as semi truck mechanic.Been doing this for 24 years.Plus married to a great husband that loves and accepts me for who I am.Plus he was like me and changed his ways after doing 5 years in prison
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