Having a best friend that has had a relatively easy life is very isolating and makes me depressed. I’m starting to resent her

Look it’s very layered. I think I’m not happy with my life and where I am right now. I want things to be different. I feel like she’s really codependent on me and she always has been since college. I feel like she leans on me too much for emotional support . I went through bad codependent relationships before and told myself I need to stop with these habits so I feel like I’ve become more independent when I broke up with these exes.
So there’s that. I mean also I feel like I’ve changed a lot since I’ve met her.
We have a lot in common, our cultures are the same we come from the same place. But I feel in some ways I’ve changed and she hasn’t.
And recently she has gotten really clingy. I started a new job and she did too. I’ve been really busy. Apparently she hasn’t been. We usually text everyday which is whatever . I was thinking we’re speaking at the same pace. Today she asked me why I was being so quiet she thinks I’m being quiet, like after work. I said no I’m just busy with work, which is the truth, I really am. I’m actually drowning in work, and I also said we have been talking everyday. Idk how I’m being quiet,
We’re supposed to meet tomorrow. She already asked me if we can meet for brunch next or the week after.
She has never really been this clingy before. So I’m thinking it’s the Prozac.
I’m sorry I’m being bitchy. Like I said I think my emotional patience has gone down a lot, especially since starting EMDR and then doing therapy in general. Plus the job tires me out. I don’t have time to emotionally spend my time worrying about her mental health. She never really cared about mine in the first place.
Ah, that makes a lot of sense.

Sometimes we just got to recharge our own batteries and take a step back. That can be hard from people who are used to us being there for them.
But also, relationships change and grow and go in different directions. That can also be hard for people to accept.
Have you told her what's going on for you and that maybe you need a bit of space and quiet time? .
If you're someone that's not used to saying that to people, might be good to try? And she may or may not respond in the way you need but at least she'll know that right now you got a lot going on.
But I’m really starting to resent my best friend. I don’t want to feel this way but I really really am.
Ok, take away the jealousy and resentment for a second and ask yourself. Is she a good friend and is she a good person?
We never know the cards we get dealt in life, and I certainly didn’t expect the cards I was dealt. If the answer is yes to both of those questions I sincerely hope That this resentment doesn’t eat away at you enough inside to end this friendship. And she’s not just a friend you called her your best friend those are not easy to come by.

I hope everything worked out for you and your best friend. I hope you’re feeling better and the resentment subsided. We’re all human don’t beat yourself up. I wish you all the best.