Horrific ER experience


I also have to say that I had to go to my tiny, rural hospital for SI, and the receptionist told me I made the right decision and they were glad I came. Everyone was compassionate and caring throughout the visit. I received a week of free therapy as many times as I wanted, and they helped me find other resources in the community. THAT is how "psych" patients should be treated.


THAT is how "psych" patients should be treated.
Treating "psych" patients any other way makes it worse for everyone involved. One of my motto's in life is "don't make it harder for yourself". When you push "psych" patients into being overwhelmed you are making your own life harder for no reason.

It's not like it takes a lot to help them through the experience either. The problem I find is with assessment of my mental part. Emerge is so geared to the physical part they forget the mental part. Having your triage people trained enough to spot mental health issues would really be the most helpful. Along with protocols for helping them through their visit.

And that's something that so bugs me about physical health doctors and hospitals/clinics. If 1 in 10 people that come through your door have a mental health issue, how is that not a signigant enough number for them to provide unified physical and mental health services rather than having one and the other?


I am so sorry @Justmehere . I am terrified of anything remotely similar, let alone the fiancial and personal cost, to risk hoping there would be help there, or to feel confident I could be 'heard'. I am so very sorry it was such a horrific experience. I am very proud you had the guts and hope to try however. 🫂


But why. Why does anyone think the best way to treat the struggling is this.
Knowledge and lack of training, I think. Not an excuse in the least. They should have the knowledge and training and the fact they don't means they are failing people.

I find it odd that they didn't think it through. Denying you access to an outside person means that no one is there to take out your service dog besides you (who is locked down) and hospital staff (which is typically against their own rules from my experience. I never bring Chopper with me for this reason. No one is willing to be with me to take Chopper out. My dad won't do it and just never found someone willing to do that. Maybe changing with the pastor as he's offered to help with Chopper both times I went to the hospital since we've been talking. But Chopper is 8 yrs old and in the middle of retiring so, I figure it's really too late to try. But, will for my next dog).

When I was in the hospital right before Christmas for the heart thing, they ripped me off my psych meds without any weaning, without any replacements, and without any psych consol. Before I could even talk to my psych. That's not safe! At all! I think the lack in training and knowledge is bullshit! They could gain that knowledge super easy and do have psych in the hospital! They need to use them! There is zero excuse for this! So sorry it happened and you have all rights to feel the way you do and be triggered and all! How are you doing?