Hot and Cold Therapist UPDATE, termination letter to therapist


If your T has access to supervision, then she has access to lots more options-things she didn't think of. If she is a solo therapist....well lets just say, burn out happens frequently in those scenarios.
I am not sure if this has any relevance but many moons ago, I was in group therapy with 2 therapists and all was well until I started looking for work. Ultimately, they felt that I was not ready and that I should be paying more attention to my recovery than to having/finding a job. This ended our therapy because I really wanted to work.

Who knows but it does sound like your therapist has some of her own expectations to work on and is maybe not equipped for what she is doing with you, which is a long way of expressing that I too wonder if she is trained in trauma therapy. If she is not, you might end up with bigger problems than this.
I totall agree with you @RussellSue!