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How do I explain my ptsd to my partner?


New Here
So right now for the first time my partner is triggering my PTSD. It’s through no fault of their own and has to do with my trauma. Being do a lot of work and trying to get past all my abuse. I just don’t how to tell them that them touching me is trigger. We have gone from being extremely hands on to me shaking from touch. Part of it is my flashbacks are increasing and I’m seeing my abuser in everything.
How do I bring this up without it
A being creepy (my parents are my abusers and so saying they seem like my parent seems creepy)
B making it clear it’s not their fault. I don’t want to hurt their confidence
C there isn’t much they can do right now.
I think always starting with I rather than you can be helpful. I'm really struggling with being touched, rather than - when you touch me, this happens.

Does he know about your parents already? If not, then maybe that is where to start.
I think being honest. It's not that they are triggering you but the activity is triggering you. So maybe separate out the whole of your partner to the behaviour. That way it makes it not about them, but a behaviour/situation that needs changing right now.

And then it's working on this trigger. In a way that works for you.
Some people find exposure therapy helpful.
Some people find grounding techniques helpful.
Some people find avoiding it helpful.

What usually works for you when you are triggered?