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How to find a residential program for teen

Rose White

Hi. I’m dumb and I don’t know what resources are available to help a parent find a residential program for an alcoholic teen that never goes to school. I’m in USA. I don’t trust google, I would like to know what social services are generally available and if there are any trustworthy directories. Appreciate your assistance.
Are there local government resources available as a first stop? They could likely point you to someone or somewhere that knows of programs.
Outside that maybe AA or some other alcoholics help group?
You’ve said something before about a hotline to call for help with your teen where they come and get them, I know you can’t take that option but can you call them and ask them for referrals to some places? Can you search for programs that in your area just with the internet? I can tell you places here but I don’t live near you.
Hit up an alanon meeting, and ask there.

Wherever you are? Or your friend? There will be a LOT of services available, but only 2-3 that everyone who IS an addict, or loves them, would recommend.

When I say “a lot”? All but 2 states (Alaska & Hawaii) have over 30,000 drug and alcohol treatment facilities & programs. A handful of states have over 100,000.
You’re not dumb! Why do you think/say you are?

I’m not in the states so I have no idea.
is there a community centre or something that could poin you in the right direction? Or a gp?
Ex agreed to go to alanon. Found out my state has one residential program for kids like my son and it’s over 4 hours away. Ex said he won’t support anything that son doesn’t want to do. So alanon for ex to learn about codependency which should be interesting with his npd. And I’m finally strong enough to go with him but we’ll see how long I can take it because him being around me is a kind of invisible trigger—I don’t see the effects until after he leaves then my mind is all melty. But I am strong enough to do this now I think. I’m willing to try.

Something ex said today was that his ex-girlfriend—who’s a therapist and who he won’t tell me her last name, but I could figure it out but I don’t really want to—told him to never put his kid in any kind of residential or inpatient. I said that’s highly negligent of a therapist to say that. Then he said a bunch of stuff that I couldn’t hear because I was putting cat food away in a cabinet in the bathroom.