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I feel like im reaching out for support but nothing is working

can't find support groups because everything is sa related (im a survivor of gun violence) or if it is gun violence related its veterans only. can't reach out in my school because it takes forever and I can't afford it with the insurance I have. can't see my therapist because practicing interstate is illegal. can't see a new therapist for insurance reasons but also because its too mentally draining. no support groups in my area. atp I literally have no idea what to do anymore
the first steps are the hardest, espresso. with my own first steps toward recovery, i didn't even really know what functional looked like up close and personal. i had only seen functional from obscene social distances and ? ? ? small wonder that i felt like nothing was working, huh? but all important seeds were being planted during those mind-bendingly difficult first steps. as the seeds germinated, they pointed to my healing path.

easy does it, my friend. be gentle with yourself and patient with the process.
hope healing happens here.
steadying support while you find your way.