Is this an unrealistic expectation?


I look at incident like this as an episode. Like a flare up. It’s ok to feel needy. It’s ok to look to your support system at times like that. My therapist meets my needs sometimes and sometimes she doesn’t. I’ve learned to trust her I know she has my best interests at heart. She’s also human. She can’t be there for me always . Sometimes I’m ok with that and sometimes not. Sometimes I’m unreasonable. I’m human too.


I actually experienced something like this yesterday so it’s weird I replied . I wrote on my secret email and my therapist hasn’t responded. I had to make a separate account on a different server in order to email her. I had a really hard time communicating outside her office because the stuff i had to say was so private . I couldn’t write it down anywhere. I started writing it here and I couldn’t post sometimes and I couldn’t email or text. I still go through that now. Anyway she’s persona non grata . Not responding. I show up for my appointments and she hasn’t seen the emails . I write when I get desperate and have no one to talk to.

So it pisses me off if she doesn’t read them. She tells me resend the emails and I get even more pissed off.

Maybe I’ll fire her this week lol! So you’re not alone you see? : )


ensure that I am taking extra time to work through the positives and negatives before making a decision.
thats an elusive goal. I would like to say I do this but saying it aloud brings the memory of failures and away we go down the spiral of self distrust. It took me a very long time to see that difficulty making decisions was truly a symptom of this disorder, I wanted to think it is hard for everyone, that I am just extra careful.
The balancing act of being decisive and confident and being headed for better vs. indecisive and feeling unable to make good decisions and headed for.....paralysis?
Ensure is a hard word. I let myself off with being mindful of my condition and noticing my improved self confidence about big decisions that has come over time.

And contact between sessions? They either give me a phone number or they don't. If I can call, it's because we have agreed it can happen. without that I am adrift until the calendar day and hour and know it when I walk out of the office.