It Turns out Getting Arrested Is Super Triggering

Simply Simon

Hell, when I had my car impounded for expired everything
It’s weird what a salve it is to know the people you respect most and consider excessively capable also struggle with things that are so often framed as a basic adult responsibility/task everyone should be able to tackle all the time forever with relative ease.

I was particularly anticipating getting arrested and otherwise being insanely screwed because for the past 13 months, I’ve had a car that just... doesn’t officially exist. I say I own it, but titles need to be notarized here. Then registered. Then tags. Then inspected. But my life has been a nonstop complete rampaging shitshow on fire with toxic fumes since before I needed a new car because mine spontaneously burst into flames right before I got married, and it just leveled out. We were so broke we ate out of the kitchen we worked in for the better part of the last year. And then the insurance... that’s been 10 months past due, because the pandemic meant an insurance adjuster never came to complete my claim and salvage the old car, which meant I was charged for it in spite of it being actually toast. And that combination has been SO overwhelming. So I had it coming, driving a luxury sports car with no tags I don’t technically own without insurance. I mean I was definitely doing, as I told my lawyer, “An incredible amount of bullshit.”

In retrospect, after talking with him, I might have actually gotten a better deal with the DWI than if I’d not blown hot. Between the speeding and everything else? The fact that they’d rather drop everything but the DWI if I plead might actually be preferable.

Life is ceaselessly absurd.
the officer offered me a ride back to civilization and I sat in the back
I realized after hearing others’ experiences—I actually think the officer did me a solid? He put me in the passenger seat.

Something about small miracles.

Thanks my dear friend.


Agree. Next time, eat the tacos before driving onward :). Glad the in the big scheme of things, you're OK.
I add that I am glad everyone was OK, I know that we develop a tolerance for alcohol, like all drugs, and 2 beers is nothing for someone and too much for another so the arbitrary line is drawn and you crossed it. Heres to hoping you don't cross it again-cheers

Simply Simon

I know that we develop a tolerance for alcohol, like all drugs
Yeah, I will admit no longer drinking like it’s my job but still having the synergy of taking clonopin has dramatically changed my ability to drink at all.

I went to a Halloween party. I made it through ONE beer... in six hours.


taking clonopin has dramatically changed my ability to drink
Klonopin keeps my drinking at a minimum too. I can't remember the last time I drank away from home, and the last time I had enough to keep up with my own kids on a weekend visit is a fading memory. My past doctors gave me a zero tolerance for any alcohol with the benzos, this time around is more accepting but I too have been scared straight, I don't stray too far into the out of bounds.
Hope you can find a way through this without too much additional pain, it has to suck to deal with the legal system over such a small amount. Pretty expensive beer.


I actually think the officer did me a solid? He put me in the passenger seat.
Yeah, I think that's pretty much unheard of. This sounds like a weird version of a best case scenario. And, I'm thinking you might give yourself credit here because there ARE things YOU could have done that would have made it worse. I hope that things just continue getting better from here!