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Last movie or tv series you watched?

Castle Rock season 2

Finally actually watched the entire series and loved it. Really felt sorry for Annie about half way through the series. Think she probably had PTSD along with her other illnesses.
Aha! The last 2 seasons of A Handmaid’s Tale. I didn’t know they existed. Last I saw was kids on a plane & protagonist shot.

They do such an incredibly good job having complex characters on this show.
OMFG. I’d forgotten how much I looooooove how complex these characters are. Even in a good/evil paradigm? How much each individual embodies both/all/everything. Relaxing as all hell.
We have been watching a lot of TV lately. Recently, J and I have completely different preferences. I caught up on Outlander and binge watched Killing Eve. What a crazy ride that was! Spies, assassins and action. Loved it.

J watches mostly YouTube videos. SyFi stuff. Black holes, UFO's, quantum physics, Armageddon in all varieties. Tiny home construction and videos of other cultures.

We compromised and are watching Toy Story right now. 😊