Lifer versus lifeboat therapy: when is it enough?


@whiteraven Perhaps my T might honestly answer but with more neutral wording such as a commitment to mental health with respect to my journey. I am sorry your therapy is not assisting you in your need set. Sometimes my session unravels me more also. Thanks for the additional viewpoints.

@Rosebud ...awesome post. One I will need to reread and chew on further.
I think after all is said and done, I have fear. My PTSD has been off the chain since forced isolation of Covid. My geographical area doesn’t even reopen (partially) until June. Our State and local city (with full respect to the world + others in grieving) has had many unfortunate deaths. I personally have lost quite a few friends, family friends as well as strong acquaintances through this pandemic.

I thought perhaps others might weigh in their take of their therapy continuance or breaks with a full Stress Cup. As some offer it takes 2years alone for grieving to gel ... I am just tired of living on the edge and tethered to an therapist as an precautionary bandage to a permanent disability wound of my mind. Because many take risk during full tilt of PTSD ...I was listening to some wonderful advice from others such as yourself. So wanting to fully trust my decision while being a Tasmanian She-devil 😉 was inspired by fear. Thanks for getting me to think core.
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My questions to you are as follows:
*when do you personally consider taking a break from therapy
If it’s useful I go. If it’s not? I don’t.

I know... really simple, but it’s like the gym. Sometimes a gym is incrediably useful, sometimes it’s zero sum, sometimes it’s not only not useful but an actual problem. It depends on what’s going on in my life, whether or not the gym -or therapy- is useful to me.

* is it perhaps not as wise to do during this time of pandemic
My personal situation makes teletherapy impossible. So unless I was so very much in need of therapy that I rated 24/7 inpatient care, it’s like going to the gym when snowed in; ain’t gonna happen. So if I want the benefit of gym/therapy? I need to come up with other options.

*have you regretted the lack emotional available support
That isn’t what I get out of therapy... so I can’t speak to it.


@Friday ...thanks for chiming in: meant a lot.
You are the second or third member who offered they don’t receive emotionally support within therapy. Perhaps I need to review the term. Many times terms change, like the other day after I read a post with ‘ED‘ & I didn’t know that is now the common usage instead of ER for the hospital.

I guess validation of some sort within my life is offer by my T. My choices, feelings, ect. Mutual respect is often exchanged and corrective direction is offered when I make knee jerk reactions that did more harm than good.
I feel more grounded when a normie reviews my choices and walks me through some healing path. Trust...I will miss the trust. Thanks Friday again for a realistic take.


I wanted to thank everyone for their time and wrap this up with my conclusion. Recently I triggered into a full-blown flashback episode of PTSD with all the trimmings. This incident reminded me of something my therapist said in reference to cost within the healthcare infrastructure as well as for my person-
my stability is better served within a session than the emergency room at this season.

That was just to offer me a few more months, without me feeling like a free-loading tick on a hound during the extended work. I will do the journey work with renewed vigor and set my sites for a goal set within this year. My life boat is reluctantly becoming my temporary home... as well as the acceptance I still need work. Thank you for all that you offered in order to make this decision or healthy choice.