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Moving, physical exercise


I, in the last 2 months ,have lost 23 lbs. I stopped eating sugars and AP flour. I wanted an exercise routine that could do at home. Due to physical limitations I decided resistace band was a good choice. I watched an instructor on YouTube. It is chair workout. I am slowly increasing the reps. I feel just with this , happier alert and more creative. I am finding muscles are developing. I think this is the best thing that I could have done. I have more weight to go. I am just following the allowed foods on the Glycemic Diet and have eliminated processed food. The doctor is reducing meds I have been on. This is so the opposite of my sedentary self. My mind is clear. Not so much time in my head which does not help my cptsd. Just wanted to share. Your body will work against you. Tune it out🤫 This is definitely affecting for the good my mental health. Sugar and starch carbs were sabotaging me and making depression and anxiety worse.