Death My first late husband

Flying Dove

I have been researching the effects of digital devices on our brains and nervous systems including how the use of AI to alter reality is possibly going to effect the coming US election. In my reserach I found the specifics on how internet porn addiction ( this was my first husband) caused brain damage. The increased dopamine affected his cortex decreased salience.of non drug activities thus causing decreased take goal directed steps to continue survival.

He had type 2 diabetes mylodysplastic syndrome NASH hypertension. One of the saddest things I still recall was holding his hand through his last breath. Simply put- what you focus on grows. Me working as an RN trying to care for him codependency wore me out to the point I got bacterial meningitis of my brain. Had craniotomy resulting in a transformational life experience.

I resumed my interaction with this group because 2nd husband is a veteran doomsday prepper checks news a lot believes it is going to end. In short I stopped doing what he does. I do not believe hardly any news now. I have my life back.
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