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My husband and I


My relationship with my husband and I has been good.It did not start good with hurdles in our life we went through.We met in 1999 through a friend of his and he was the first to take it well telling him I am trans,a pre op transsexual.Looked at me,said I look beautiful and seen as a womam.His parents were the hurdle we had to get through.They did not accept it him dating me assuming he was gay and was not gay.Knew inside he was attracted to transwomen and I was the one.Within 3 months of our relationship,his parents accepted it and saw us happy.My parents,they thought he was too macho towards me and learned he was not.Getting to know him helped this out.They are also glad he loves and accepts me for who I am.Everything came together the day we got married and have been happy together for 22 years now with our 23rd wedding anniversary coming up next month